Generational Wealth: Building a Sustainable Business in the Canadian Market

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in understanding and harnessing the power of generational wealth and entrepreneurship. The ideal target audience for this course would be individuals who are passionate about creating long-term financial stability and prosperity for themselves and future generations. They are motivated to explore the impact of entrepreneurship on wealth creation and are specifically interested in the unique challenges faced by black entrepreneurs in Canada. These individuals are eager to learn effective market research techniques in the Canadian context, identifying profitable business opportunities and staying abreast of trends and consumer demands in Canada. They value building a sustainable business model and understand the importance of developing a comprehensive business plan for long-term success. Financial management and investment strategies are of great interest to them, as they aim to effectively manage their business finances, understand cash flow, budgeting, and financial statements, and explore investment strategies for long-term growth. Furthermore, this target audience recognizes the significance of legacy planning and succession, and is committed to setting up a framework for intergenerational wealth transfer, creating a succession plan for their business, and ensuring sustainability and growth for future black generations.

Course Curriculum

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