The Business of Music and Entertainment: Empowering Black Artists in Canada

Learn about artist management, intellectual property, music production, and marketing for Black artists in Canada. This course is designed for individuals who have an interest in pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry, specifically focusing on the opportunities and challenges faced by Black artists. It is suitable for aspiring artists, artist managers, and those with aspirations to work in record labels.

The course is also beneficial for individuals who want to develop a strong understanding of intellectual property rights, copyright protection, and music rights. If you are interested in music production and recording techniques, this course provides valuable insights into the process, collaboration, and post-production activities. Additionally, individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge in marketing strategies, online presence, and social media campaigns for Black artists will greatly benefit from this course.

Lastly, the course provides industry insights, case studies, and market trends analysis, making it valuable for anyone interested in learning about successful Black artists in Canada and exploring career opportunities in the Canadian music industry.

Course Curriculum

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